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McWilliam: “Tackling animal abusers has no priority”

giselle-mcwilliamWILLEMSTAD – The tackling of animal abuse is not a priority of the police, according to the Member of Parliament for the coalition party MAN Giselle McWilliam. Those who dump a nest of live puppies in the garbage does not have to be afraid, there is hardly anyone who ever sees it. Although it is punishable, the police do not or hardly get anything done with these reports.

On Social media, a video was posted again about puppies that had been dumped alive in a closed plastic bag. It is not the first case of this form of animal abuse that was discovered and certainly not the last.

People feel that nothing is happening in this area. But that is not true, says McWilliam; there is not a lot that is happening, but authorities are doing something.

Bron: http://curacaochronicle.com/politics/mcwilliam-tackling-animal-abusers-has-no-priority/