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Dutch TV links Pablo Escobar with a massive presence of Colombians in Russia

nos-holanda_0NOS from Holland questioned that there are so many Colombian nationals in that country considering that it is a poor country.

Nederlandse Omroep Stichting, better known as NOS, Dutch media, offended the Colombian fans during the broadcast of the game between Colombia and Poland.

NOS, one of the mass media of that country, wondered why there were so many Colombians in the Kazan Arena Stadium in Russia and its surroundings if Colombia “is a poor country”. In addition, one of the presenters said he was amazed by the presence of Colombians, whom he described as “like a yellow sea in the stadium.”

Although one of them considered that the Colombians could save money to attend the World Cup, the other commentator said that perhaps the nationals present in that country had cocaine in their backyard. In addition, he said, the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar left several coves of money, suggesting that from there came to the money to travel.

Bron: http://curacaochronicle.com/main/dutch-tv-links-pablo-escobar-with-a-massive-presence-of-colombians-in-russia/