Finding a jobYou have worked hard  not slept for days and now you finally hold it in your hands, your diploma. Only you are now having doubts about finding a job. Are there vacant vacancies within your study choice? Who guides you during the application process? These are all nagging questions that you are dealing with and have no answer at all.

Finding a job

Thanks to the technology, it is now possible that you can search from home and respond to vacancies. There are numerous sites with vacancies in Curaçao. This can cause some confusion when this is your first time applying for a job. You do not know if the webpage is maintained on time and if it concerns recent vacancies. One of the best job boards in Curaçao is Profilami, where you will find not only vacancies from Curaçao, but from the whole Caribbean region.

Applying for a job online

An online application can be compared to sending an application letter by mail, only faster. Thanks to the internet it is possible to send your resume and letter of motivation as an attachment to the employer. This together with other relevant documents such as diplomas and certificates. A resume with or without a photograph can not be missed. Pay attention to what kind of photo you use. Do not use a picture with a Snapchat filter or any other filter. Use a neutral photo such as a passport photo and preferably a recent photo. A letter of application / motivation letter remains important. If you apply for a position specifically address your letter, please specifically refer to this position. Take into account your language use especially for spelling and language errors.

Need help?

Feel free to visit the Profilami web page, where you will find all sorts of useful tips that will help you during the application process.